Global Summer Championship - Southeast Asia Regional Finals

UPDATE | 21/05/2016

The fight for the title of the Summer Southeast Asian representative comes to a head this weekend. Eight teams will battle it out for the chance to put our little region on the world map at the upcoming world finals in Dreamhack Sweden. We take a quick look at the teams who will be vying for the throne.

Black Sheep 5

Brian “Yamato” Khor (Flex)
Erza “DKERZA” Fajar (Flex)
Jason “SCRUB” Lim (Assassin)
Sera “Sephiria” Lee (Warrior)
Tú “BebeRexha” Huỳnh Minh (Support)
Chung Khiing “kinkyfairy” Tan (Support)

The story of Black Sheep 5 is an amazing one, starting with Yamato, a young Malaysian boy playing for Thai team Hot Head Gaming back in Spring. After observing his son’s keen interest in eSports, Yamato’s father, Victor Khor, decided to try his hand at forming a team for Summer. With the guidance of kinkyfairy, their appointed captain and a veteran in the scene, the team recruited SCRUB (formerly Mofolicious) and Sephiria, of Spring’s Malaysian champions, Fong Fei Kei Gaming. Last to join was DKERZA, a promising Indonesian player whose previous stint in Singaporean team Relics lasted just a few short weeks. And thus Black Sheep 5 was born, due in no small part to the best.Dad.ever.

“We are just trying to get past the first round.” – Chung Khiing “Kinkyfairy” Tan


Puridej “AbruZZI” Kanjanajuta (Assassin/Support)
Chatakran “Erl2oR” Parichakun (Assassin/Specialist)
Abhiwich “MerryKnoCks” Tanoi (Warrior/Support)
Punsan “RYL” Prempree (Warrior)
Supanut “LionaX” Chow (Flex)

One season later, the abbreviation GDG9+ still baffles everyone – why is it GDG9+ and not GIG9+? It’s about as fascinating as the team’s roles, where every single member of the team is a flex player with a vast hero pool. This opens up limitless possibilities for them, allowing them to draft unusual compositions that are as entertaining as they are effective. We’re sure they’ll have some tricks up their sleeves.

“I think we’re strong enough this time… Those tickets to Sweden will be ours if the opponents make a wrong move.” - AbruZZi

Hot Head Gaming

Piti “Arata” Saiaram (Warrior/Assassin)
Pinyaluck “alyse” Thitasirivit (Support/Assassin)
Damrongsuk “paeji” Jiamphiromsuk (Flex)
Trai “TnK” Akaravinak (Flex)
Weerapat “Budapest” New (Flex)
Attapon “Pednoymk” Rattanasoponpaisan (Assassin)

The Hot Head Gaming of today is a far cry from the one we saw last season. Several players bid farewell to the team; RoZenMaiDen and Yamato went to Black Sheep 5 as manager and player respectively, and Enjubaby left as well. The resulting lineup is now an all-Thai one, no longer plagued by the language barriers of the previous roster. Like their counterparts in GDG9+, the team is made of flex players, offering loads of versatility, with new addition Pednoymk the sole specialist in the group.


Michael “Mirr” Luo (Warrior)
Bjorn “Zeys” Ong (Flex)
Kenny “Trinity” Widjaja (Flex)
Kheng Yi “ZesN” Ng (Assassin/Support)
Boon Cheong “bUnBun” Teoh (Support)

Once the reigning champions of Southeast Asia, Relics has fallen out of favour somewhat. While the triumvirate of Mirr, Zeys and Trinity has stuck together through thick and thin, the last two spots on the team are more cursed than the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher position at Hogwarts. Despite the volatility of the roster, the team has continued to hold on to their spot in the region’s top 3 teams. They narrowly lost to their rivals Resurgence in the recent Pro League, and are looking to take back their glory this season.

“I think we’ll do pretty well; as for the exact placement, I don’t know. It could be anyone’s game among the higher seeded teams.” - Mirr


John “Harharrr” Ichikawa (Warrior)
Neil “vyy” San Juan (Flex)
Giovanni “Hyskoa” Ong (Assassin)
Ronel “Stronger” Tan (Support)
Kieron “JumpyLion” Goli (Flex)

Having flown under the radar before, nobody expected Renovatio to come along and upset both Singaporeans teams, seemingly effortlessly. With one fell swoop, the boys of Renovatio (which means “a total rebirth” in Latin) came along and decimated their opponents with ease, wowing everyone and cementing their new position as lords of the Southeast Asian HotS scene. With JumpyLion back on the team, will they continue their reign? We’ll find out soon enough.

Renovatio – The Resistance

Winston "MiseryProx" Hernaez (Tank/Assassin)
Hong Ju "Asurai" Lee (Flex)
Willy Ferdinand "Four" Lapidario (Support)
Bien Carlo "Shotiness" Borras (Assassin)
Otchie "MiLovesPoro" Pascual (Tank)
Miguel "Kaijah" Grande-Smith (Flex)

Formerly known as Renovatio II, Renovatio – The Resistance has a snazzy new name, inspired by a board game. The team consists of a group of buddies with 8 years of friendship behind them. The team has undergone several roster changes; JumpyLion went back to Renovatio, with MiseryProx rejoining the Resistance. Lemmington has left the team, making way for Shotiness and MiLovesPoro, with Kaijah taking a backseat as the sixth player and manager of sorts. Long ago, the team qualified to play in Sweden in another MOBA game; they’re hoping this will be their second chance to visit the land of meatballs, IKEA and hot people.

“We don’t have any expectations, but I’m sure the team will go far. If we can take it all, why not?” - Kaijah


Jonathan “Capricorn” Goh (Ranged Assassin/Flex)
Yu Yang “Yewyengzxck” Tee (Warrior/Flex)
Zhi Ping “ZaPpy” Lim (Flex)
Chun Wai “cwCwCW” Wong (Warrior/Flex)
Julian “Julian” Shi (Support)
Josh “Vendetta” Tan (Flex)

It’s hard to forget Resurgence after last season, where ZaPpy’s infamous quote about packing his bags for Korea came back to haunt him when they lost tragically to Renovatio of the Philippines in the finals. Still, there’s no doubt that the team is a force to be reckoned with, and the new lineup looks to be its strongest yet, having finished the Singapore Pro League without dropping any games. Nonetheless, they won’t be underestimating their opponents this time.

“Didn’t have enough leave to take, so I saved my packed bags for Sweden instead.” – ZaPpy

Sabun Warriors

Siew Cheng “FzFz” Hor (Flex)
Yung Tek “mngpk” Ng (Assassin)
Soon Huat “DeadlyFatman” Sim (Flex)
Kian Soon “xzist” Chan (Support)
Koon Hock “sturnz84” Lee (Flex)

Previously known as Prospectors MY, Sabun Warriors has had a single change in the roster, with FubblyWubbly leaving the team to make way for sturnz84. The team was made up of a group of friends who joined competitive Heroes for the prize pool, and stayed for the love of the game. So why the name Sabun (soap in Malay)? Legend has it that the team members lived together at one point, and were so poor that they had to share a single bar of soap between them. They’ve come a long way since then, and have their eyes on the prize this weekend.

“We will slide through our opponents like a slippery soap. Get ready for surprises!” – xzist

And there you have it. Stay tuned to www.twitch.tv/blizzheroessea for the matches, and check out the brackets at http://blizzheroessea.challonge.com/HGCSummer_SEA. Brace yourself, guys. Summer is coming.




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