Southeast Asia Summer Qualifiers Underway

UPDATE | 29/04/2016

Top teams from all over SEA got a taste of blazing esports action in the first string of Summer Championship Qualifiers. The summer heat surely affected the region as teams left and right broke ties and regrouped hoping to come out stronger, better and hungrier for victory in the Summer season. Malaysia crowned its first two competitors for the National Finals in a gruelling four-way bout. This time around, Malaysia's newly reformed Spring season runner-up, PROS, came out on top as Team Sabun Gaming. In the Philippines Online Qualifiers, roster changes influenced even the Spring SEA representative - Renovatio. This, however, did not hinder the reigning national and SEA champion from claiming the top spot in the Online Qualifiers 1 undefeated. Singapore teams could not be left behind as new and improved line-ups filled the Open Qualifiers. With the strength of their new support, Inquisition did not fail fans in delivering sweet victory.
This is just the beginning. More thrills and chills await as the Summer National Finals approach and the dramatic showdown at the SEA Regional Finals. Stay tuned!

Tournament Results:
Malaysia Offline Qualifier

  • 1st place - Team Sabun Gaming
  • 2nd place - hiGh NOON
Philippines Online Qualifier 1
  • 1st place – Renovatio
  • 2nd place - Skyline
Singapore Open Qualifier
  • 1st place – Inquisition
  • 2nd place - GEIshas


The summer season kicked off at Blitzone Bandar Utama for the Malaysia Offline Qualifier. The early favorite, Team Sabun Gaming, did not disappoint as they claimed the top spot in the Qualifier. Formerly known as, Prospectors Gaming, TSG has been active in the scene since the Spring season but they were initially foiled by national champion, FFKG. This Summer, they've proven their out for blood.


Philippines' esports saw a major change in preparation for the Summer Championship. Spring SEA representative - Renovatio - was one of the many teams who opted to rearrange their line-up. The team dropped, Zagara master, Miseryprox in favor of JumpyLion from Renovatio 2. This clearly paid off as they swept the first Qualifiers to come out on top once again without dropping a single game. Runner-up, Skyline, looked to be even more determined than ever before as they beat out their arch enemy, Renovatio 2, to take home the second spot in the National Finals.


Singapore's Open Qualifiers witnessed tons of action from the contenders. All eyes were on Inquisition who recently acquired Murloc Arcanum's support player - Saelis. The trade was absolutely worth it as Inquisition won the tournament top spot. Inquisition did hit a bump in the road when they lost the first match to WAR whose roster now includes Relyzer from the Road to Blizzcon SEA representative, Relics. However, this just propelled their determination to never taste defeat again. Despite their Round 1 loss to tournament dark horse, WAR, GEIshas clawed their way through the losers bracket to finally join Inquisition and captured a ticket to the National Finals.

There's more action in store this Summer Championship season so make sure you keep updated by staying tuned to our esports website and fanpage. For more Heroes of the Storm news, just visit the website.




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