Find out more about the top 4 Singapore Teams.

UPDATE | 28/04/2016

With the Summer Pro League kicking off tomorrow, we shine the spotlight on the teams which will be fighting head to head for the next few weeks. Which team will you be placing your bet on?


This team needs no introductions, with high-profile players who have been playing in the competitive scene since Alpha. After coming in second to Renovatio in the Spring regionals, the team underwent a reshuffle of its roster. Two members, TanuKi and Atrophy, left the team to focus on studies and the army respectively, making way for new members Julian and Yewyengzxck, formerly from Relics.

Josh “Vendetta” Tan (Flex): Seemingly the most mature and self-assured member of the group, Vendetta insisted that he knows the talent builds for all his heroes, until his teammates realised halfway through a match that he picked Gathering Power on a Shadow Assault Zeratul.

Julian “Julian” Shi (Support): The self-proclaimed nicest guy in SEA, Julian’s aim is to emulate Cloud 9’s Dunktrain. His hairdo is similar enough, but his beard and his skills still have some way to go.

Jonathan “Capricorn” Goh (Ranged Assassin): A self-professed social justice assassin, Capricorn kills everything, including 51 virtual kittens, who died of starvation at his merciless hands.

Chun Wai “cwCwCW” Wong (Warrior/Flex): The debating champion of the group, cwCwCW can spend an entire hour arguing with his teammates over one talent choice.

Zhi Ping “ZaPpy” Lim (Flex): A master of many trades, ZaPpy spends most his day sleeping, and comes alive in the Nexus. He is known to play mobile games in the middle of scrims.

Yu Yang “Yewyengzxck” Tee (Warrior/Flex): Yewyengzxck is known as one of the most fearsome tank players in the Southeast Asian scene. His other claim to fame is being the shortest player in competitive HotS. His exact height is confidential.


The Relics lineup has changed like the weather, with many members coming and going over the past several seasons. The team came in third in the SEA Finals, losing to Resurgence in the lower brackets. Their two foreign players, Musica from Vietnam and DKERZA from Indonesia, were dropped from the roster, taking in bUnBun and ZesN.

Michael “Mirr” Luo (Warrior): Love him or hate him, Mirr is here to stay. The only member remaining of the original Relics team, Mirr has weathered many storms and is still raring to go. Formerly the flex/assassin player of the team, Mirr took up the tank role, which synergised better with his position as the leader and shotcaller.

Bjorn “Zeys” Ong (Flex): Formerly the support of the team, Zeys took up the role of the ranged assassin, then moved to fill the flex role after Mirr became the team’s tank.

Kenny “Trinity” Widjaja (Ranged Assassin): Recruited just after their very first tournament back in the day, Trinity and Zeys are the two longest-serving members of Relics, after Mirr himself. Trinity’s role has stayed firmly as the ranged assassin all this time.

Kheng Yi “ZesN” Ng (Assassin/Secondary Support): Formerly from Power of Belief, ZesN moved on to Team Casual, a ragtag bunch of veterans who played together in the Spring open finals. After Spring, he was recruited to join the team as an assassin, occasionally filling the role of a second support.

Boon Cheong “bUnBun” Teoh (Support): Hailing from Malaysia, bUnBun is the newest member of the team, taking up the support role. A relative newcomer to the scene, his predecessors have left large shoes to fill.


While team Inquisition was formed quite some time ago, it’s in recent tournaments that they’ve begun to make a name for themselves. Missing one member, they took on teammate Zheming “zheming” Li in Spring, and came in fourth in the open finals. Zheming left the team after Spring, and Inquisition took on Saelis as their support player.

Kevin “Kevin” Wong (Flex): The leader and shotcaller of the team, Kevin is a nice, polite lad when you first meet him. During games, he transforms into a totally different, bloodthirsty version of himself.

Tat Jun “Reminiscence” Tay (Ranged Assassin): The life of the party, Reminiscence is the mage and ranged assassin specialist, and is often heard screaming either in happiness or anguish on Skype.

Javis “jaRvis” Wong (Warrior): The team’s main tank player, jaRvis has been best friends with Kevin and Reminiscence since their secondary school days. As a result, his eyes are permanently rolled back in his head with a large handprint on his forehead from dealing with their shenanigans.

Nicholas “Crusade” Kheng (Assassin/Flex): Calm, cool and collected, Crusade rarely says much, even when his team is in utter chaos. When he does speak, he has a deep, gravelly tone reminiscent of Tychus.

Maria “Saelis” Braberry (Support): The only female on the team, Saelis falls into the stereotype of girls (or women, in her case) playing the healer. She is occasionally nicknamed “our matriarch” and “mama Saelis” by the guys.

Formed for the Summer season by leader Chrissyng, GEIshas nearly pulled out of the tournament when three of their members pulled out of the team due to various other commitments. Just days before the tournament, the team found a few replacements, and decided to play, never expecting that they would beat the other teams to qualify for the pro league.

Christina “Chrissyng” Ng (Warrior): As the leader and shotcaller, Chrissyng is the driving force behind the team. A no-nonsense, straight-talking person, she keeps her teammates and their egos in check.

Kuan Yi “fieryboy” Heng (Support/Flex): In the original lineup, fieryboy was the main assassin in the team. He now plays the support role, due to a lack of support players in the scene. His signature line as a support is, “NO HEALS NO HEALS!”

Gibson Dominic “Freak” Magbutay (Ranged Assassin): Freak, a player from the Philippines formerly from team Cow Level Gaming, applied to join the team when they needed players. The team declined to elaborate more about him, describing him only as their “secret weapon”.

Trung Nghĩa Lê Hồ “TrungNghia” (Assassin): The Vietnamese TrungNghia, known affectionately as Mr. Pho to fieryboy, inadvertently inspired the team’s name, due to his frequent use of the word “gei” to describe anything and everything. Other than that, he barely understands the team, and vice versa.

Kayden “Katana” Tan (Flex): Katana was an aspiring competitive player who never quite got the chance to play for a team. A friend recommended him to join GEIshas, and the rest, they say, is history. Katana is usually tasked with interpreting whatever TrungNghia says.





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